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Kate Bokoles – Healing Space Ventura

Kate Bokoles loves helping people create their visions of vibrant health. She offers Myofascial Release and Reiki Therapy. Kate uses bodywork and energy work to invite her clients to release blocks or holding patterns in the body.  She is passionate about her clients well-being and helping each person she touches hold a healing space that empowers ownership of her or his own healing.

Kate uses an intuitive style that focuses on movement, joint space, range of motion, and increased circulation, as well as integration of the emotional and physical structures within the body.

As Kate says, “playfulness, joyfulness, discovery and creation are the values that I live and share with my clients to create a life of fun and vitality.”

She also honors the power of choice, word, imagination, and possibility to create whatever it is that is desired.

The Goddess Speak community welcomes you, Kate!

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Gina Bartiromo – The Unfolding Self

Gina Bartiromo is a holistic health educator, intuitive life coach, yoga instructor & aspiring author. She offers intuitive sessions and coaching support and guidance to motivated clients  prepared to create changes in their lives right now as they allow their Truth to unfold.

Gina uses body, mind and spirit approaches to guide you in setting goals in topics of your choice – relationship, home life, personal time, hobbies, spirituality and work. Using her intuition and a variety of coaching tools, her aim is to help you live from a place of possibility and realize your potential.

According to Gina, she aims to “grow & expand with every opportunity life presents & life never fails to present an opportunity!”

Gina, welcome to the Goddess Speak Community!


Kaarin Alisa – Creator of Rabika

Kaarin Alisa uses her remarkable gifts of penetrating intuition and wisdom along with guided meditations and plain common sense. She is dedicated to raising consciousness, one person at a time. Her life’s work centers on helping people find, and stay true to their paths.

Kaarin has nearly 40 years experience in the spiritual and energetic arts as a spiritual adviser, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, medical intuitive, and energy healer. Based on information from you, your aura, body, guides, and higher self first, and he own internal channels second, Kaarin can help you heal, grow, and make progress toward your desires.

As Kaarin says, “I don’t give you answers. I help you find your own best answers; to find the part of you that opens to the possibility of becoming more whole. Any other form of support would be disrespectful of your innate being and potential.”

Kaarin is the creator of Rabika, a modern, conscious oracle. A sought-after speaker, Kaarin offers tele-seminars, intensives, spiritual life coaching, and individual intuitive and energetic sessions by appointment.

Welcome to the Goddess Speak Project, Kaarin!